Haggar Audio Staff

When Rob Haggar founded Haggar Audio in 1985, the world of audio production was quite a bit different than it is today. Razor blades, recording tape, and turntables were the norm; digital audio workstations, DAT decks, and recordable CDs were still somewhere in the future.

Since then, music and sound effects libraries on CD replaced the records, computers replaced the reel-to-reel decks, computer sound files and CD-ROMs replaced reels of tape…but while the technology changed, Rob’s award-winning production style has remained the same.

A typical day for Rob includes…well, really, there is no typical day. Every project is unique; the day might start off with recording some narration for a corporate video, then move onto producing a local radio spot, and finish with running digital audio restoration on a microcasette for an area law firm…or he may spend a few days sweetening and mixing a national television campaign, making sure all the elements are in perfect balance and the the mix sounds just right.

Clients love Rob’s ability to quickly find and cut together just the right piece of music, or to find just the right sound effect…and clients also love Rob’s “ear”; his ability to give each television show or corporate video a sound that can’t be purchased in a computer software package-they know that all the technology in the world is only as good as the person using it.

Rob has an extensive background in music and communications, which led to a successful career as a radio personality in Lincoln, Nebraska; Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota; and here in Madison, Wisconsin. He then started Haggar Audio, and since then, he has lent his voice and talents to thousands of projects and won numerous awards…finalist at the New York Film Festival, Radio’s Best Awards, Silver Mike Awards, Telly Awards, and local, regional, and national Addy awards.

Recent notable credits include sound designer, music editor, and mixer for Discovery Channel’s “Flood of the Milennium” & Discovery Channel’s “Billion Dollar Disasters” series (produced by Murphy Entertainment Group), National Geographic Channel’s “Wildlife Detectives” series (also produced by MEG), and dialog editor, music editor, sound designer and mixer for ChillStar Pictures’ feature film “Stricken” and Modern Ping-Pong’s film “No Sleep ’til Madison” (both available on DVD).